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Constantly running any fan costs money. But in your Florida home, the price can be much more than a high electric bill.

Selecting the “on” setting causes the fan to run constantly. In humid climates, this can create the need for more frequent system maintenance and can actually increase the humidity in your home to dangerous levels.

Therefore, in Florida, selecting the “Auto Fan” setting is a better option. This setting automatically turns the fan on and off with the air conditioner. It allows the fan to run only when needed to circulate the air and reach the desired temperature. Then, it automatically turns the fan off to allow the system to drain excess moisture through the condensate pan and drainpipe.

In addition to saving electricity, the fan’s automatic rest period is essential to control the humidity in your Florida home. Leaving the fan run continuously prevents the system from removing excess moisture. This can cause bacteria growth and buildup that blocks condensate drain lines and shuts down the HVAC system. Water buildup can cause the evaporator pan to overflow and lead to damaging leaks in the home. The increased humidity can also cause mold to grow in the home’s ductwork and insulation.

As a Florida homeowner, you need to be “automatically” smart when it comes to your thermostat settings.